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Behind the Drums

Drums are one of the oldest instruments that people have had. They help people ground and find a connection to the infinite vibrations that are around them. The drums are made with special care along every step in order to be able to help people attune to higher vibrations and find a place within themselves where they can find answers, delve into their spiritual and emotional being and find a connection to the creator and others that are around them. The vibrations from these sacred drums help people calm their minds and bring them back to the dance of the present moment, where everything is possible.

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Drum Series Gallery

Each of our NFT Collections features a series of 10 drums used as the primary digital asset. These drums are displayed under three lighting conditions (white light, black light and a mix of both) to highlight the stunning effects of the phosphorescent acrylic paints used to create each one-of-a-kind design on the face. 

Each of the drums portrayed in these series will be gifted to NFT holders throughout the launch of each collection. 

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