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The Great Void NFT Series

400 Drums is a series of NFTs derived from one-of-a-kind Indigenous drums, hand crafted by David Fierro of the Okanagan Nation.


They are hand-painted in Acrylic, with the paints designed by color theorist Tamara Goddard, who incorporates phosphorescence into the pigments for stunning effects with black lights. David Fierro creates each design on the face of the drums.

The drums are made with special care and Indigenous Protocols to ensure the vibrational medicine works with people to help them attune to higher states. Supporting emotional well-being, connection and fluid thinking.

Drums are one of the oldest instruments that people have had. They help people ground and find a connection to the infinite vibrations that are around them. The drums are made with special care along every step in order to be able to help people attune to higher vibrations and find a place within themselves where they can find answers, delve into their spiritual and emotional being and find a connection to the creator and others that are around them. The vibrations from these sacred drums help people calm their minds and bring them back to the dance of the present moment, where everything is possible.

Behind the Drums

Current Launch Roadmap


Current Mint List


The release of our first complete collection of 11,111 NFTs will be staggered across three launch events:

The Awakening [444 NFTs]

The Gathering [2,222 NFTs]

Final Launch [8,445 NFTs]

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Drum Series Gallery

Each of our NFT Collections features a series of 10 drums used as the primary digital asset. These drums are displayed under three lighting conditions (white light, black light and a mix of both) to highlight the stunning effects of the phosphorescent acrylic paints used to create each one-of-a-kind design on the face. 

Series 1: The Great Void

At first there was only The Great Void, and in this Great Void was infinite potential. The void is our origin and our ending. Represented as the number one, and in geometry as the circle, it is the oneness from which all creation flows. The realms of infinite possibilities exist between the beginning and the end of this void. In preparation for our earth walk, we begin as a circle or seed expanding outward as dividing circles forming ever more complex patterns, glimpsed by those with the eyes to see, in naturally-occuring sacred geometries. Every culture has their own creation myth; though, there are common threads which weave through all ancient cultures. The Great Void collection expresses The Creator’s consciousness emerging from the point of genesis into the duality of physical representation. 

Each piece below transforms with black light. Please enjoy the photo galleries showcasing the Drums with white lights and then with black lights. A black light is included with purchase of a drum. You will also find a short video highlighting the sound or 'voice' of each drum. 


Changing the position of each drum will reveal new layers and hidden forms. Each drum deepens our understanding of the fabric of reality from the perspective of our greatest teacher and friend, Nature. 

What stories will the drums speak to you?

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