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Scan QR Codes to view and listen to Cultural Education accompanying the installation.

BGIS Canada, Vancouver Office
Indigenous Glass Panel and Gallery Install

BGIS Canada is  a leader in engaging Indigenous artists and businesses in Canada. Seeking more than just aesthetics, BGIS seeks to educate and inform their personnel on Indigenous Culture and Lands.

Our Install included:

  • 4 - 20'+ glass panel design and install

  • 4 - Hand painted and crafted Indigenous drums with the names of the Nations the artists belong to

  • A Gallery collection of 12 playable Indigenous Drums from The Great Void NFT Series

Image by Crystal Sparrow, Musqueam Nation
Dene Medicine Women
Twin Sisters
BGIS, Vancouver Office
Description of Breaching Hand Drum
Opening Day
Eagle and Moon
Description of Flow Indigenous Hand Drum

The Four Sacred Medicines Project
In Partnership with


400 Drums brought together four Indigenous artists from across Canada to paint a four part collection of original pieces to represent the Four Sacred Medicines shared by most Indigenous Communities in Canada. These Four Originals are inspiring an Indigenous-themed commercial carpet collection, which is now in its final design stage. Limited edition prints and use of images will be available for designers who choose this carpet for their buildings.

With proceeds being donated back to an Indigenous Charity working with Indigenous Arts, this project is a shining example of Reconciliation.

Land Acknowledgement

400 Drums is pleased to produce a Land Acknowledgement video with Chief Ian Campbel of the Squamish Nation for the Hastings Racetrack and Casino, a location of Great Canadian Entertainment.

This video will speak about the traditional territory the racetrack is on, along with the stunning mountain ranges surrounding the racetrack and casino; Premiering on National Aboriginal Peoples Day, June 21st.

Another fantastic example of reconciliation. We look forward to building this partnership by adding Indigenous performances, events, and a physical Indigenous marketplace.

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