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Weaving digital spaces with physical places, tradition and culture...

The Awakening

an exclusive public minting event

Our Genesis collection of 444 NFTs is still available! Claim your key to Indigenous Culture today.

Mint Price: 0.12 ETH


Ancient Language Platform

Indigenous languages hold our relationship and teaching with the land. Each language teaches the learner about specific territories and how to relate to those lands. Our Ancient Languages platform is democratizing access to this precious resource for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples alike.

Culture Keeping

We are dedicated to keeping Indigenous cultures & teachings alive, and bringing them into the Web3 space.

Indigenous Artisan Marketplace

Help us build the first ever Authentic Indigenous Artisan Marketplace. Our marketplace connects with a blockchain copyright certification to bring bankable value to collectors from certified Authentic Indigenous Artisans. Learn about the artist, their First Nation and the teachings of the art you purchase.

Education & Access

Furthering education of Indigenous Communities on harnessing the power of Web3 and NFTs.


A proof of concept Web3 project...

400 Drums is a campaign dedicated to supporting Indigenous Elders, artists, language speakers and tour operators to harness new online platforms to monetize their skills while sharing their teachings and stories.


Among all ancient cultures, are the common threads...


The 400 Drums project aspires to explore, contemplate, communicate and reflect these common threads such that we might dream a new future in balance with the earth and all relations once again.

Our Partners

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Where Indigenous Arts & Culture
meet Web3 & NFTs

behind the drums

400 Drums is a series of NFTs derived from one-of-a-kind Indigenous drums, hand crafted by David Fierro of the Okanagan Nation.


They are hand-painted in Acrylic, with the paints designed by color theorist Tamara Goddard, who incorporates phosphorescence into the pigments for stunning effects with black lights. David Fierro creates each design on the face of the drums.

The drums are made with special care and Indigenous Protocols to ensure the vibrational medicine works with people to help them attune to higher states. Supporting emotional well-being, connection and fluid thinking.


How the technology that powers crypto is being used for more than money...

Current Launch Roadmap

Current Mint List


The release of our first complete collection of 11,111 NFTs will be staggered across three launch events:

The Awakening [444 NFTs]

The Gathering [2,222 NFTs]

Final Launch [8,445 NFTs]

Sign up for the Mint List for our launches below!


Indigenous Economics at Work


Years of Experience

Input from


Indigenous Communities


$500 M

Invested in New Projects


$2.5 M

for Small Businesses

Lens 400 drums.webp

 David Fierro 

Drum Maker / Lead Artist

20220424_182717 (1).jpg

 Tamara Goddard 

Project Lead / Graphic Artist

400 Drums is championed by a team inspired to showcase Indigenous art as a living expression of culture.

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 Rian Beven 

Innovation Lead

Chris Nelson.jpg

 Chris Nelson 

Public Relations Manager


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