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Weaving digital spaces with physical places, tradition and culture.

The Awakening


Join us, as we journey into Web3 with our first exclusive release of NFTs! 

Minting for the first 444 NFTs of The Awakening is now Open to the Public!

Become an Ambassador of Indigenous Culture with 400 Drums




Generation 0 NFT Details

300 Mint List Spots Available

Limit 3 NFTs per Wallet During Private Mint

0.1 ETH Mint List Price

0.12 ETH Public Sale Price


  • Rare Quality or Higher NFT

  • Each NFT Has an Exclusive Gen 0 Trait

  • Holders Receive Reduced Price on ALL Future Mints

  • Access to Future Giveaways

  • More Utility to be Revealed...


  • 1 NFT Series Drum Gifted to a Lucky Verified NFT Holder

  • 1 Physical Drum Gifted to Active Discord Community

  • All Holders Receive a 1 Hour Professional Drum Recording

One week after mint completion, a 1:1 Limited Edition Drum NFT will be dropped to 5 verified NFT holders.

Become an ambassador for our project with these original NFTs!

Miss the Mint List for The Awakening? Be sure to sign up for our next generation, The Gathering, where we'll be releasing an additional 2,222 NFTs!

The Drums are Waking...

400 Drums is a campaign dedicated to supporting Indigenous Elders, artists, language speakers and tour operators to harness new online platforms to monetize their skills while sharing their teachings and stories.


Among all ancient cultures, are the common threads...


The 400 Drums project aspires to explore, contemplate, communicate and reflect these common threads such that we might dream a new future in balance with the earth and all relations once again.

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Behind the Drums

400 Drums is a series of NFTs derived from one-of-a-kind Indigenous drums, hand crafted by David Fierro of the Okanagan Nation.


They are hand-painted in Acrylic, with the paints designed by color theorist Tamara Goddard, who incorporates phosphorescence into the pigments for stunning effects with black lights. David Fierro creates each design on the face of the drums.

The drums are made with special care and Indigenous Protocols to ensure the vibrational medicine works with people to help them attune to higher states. Supporting emotional well-being, connection and fluid thinking.


The 400 Drums first collection showcases 10 one-of-a-kind drums under three lighting conditions, including black lights. Each of  the 10 drums showcased will be gifted to NFT holders throughout  activations on the roadmap.

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"400 Drums is an enterprise to float all boats upon the tide. It is a collaboration of many talented people working cohesively, for the health and wellness of Indigenous economies in Canada and abroad."

- David Fierro, Drum Maker/Artist


400 Drums was designed through the Indigenous Economic Lens with extensive input from Indigenous Elders, leaders and communities. This lens honors Indigenous knowledge, values and planning processes while recognizing the cultural diversity of our communities.


400 Drums is supported by Tamara Goddard, CEO of Four Our Future Indigenous Economics Ltd. in all the projects in development.

Working with Indigenous artists, communities and culture keepers to create Indigenous-designed digital showcases & NFTs infused with Indigenous teachings, storytelling, sounds, and music.

Developing workshops and services to support Indigenous youth, artists and businesses to transition to the new Digital Economy.

Providing Digital and Media training & employment opportunities for Indigenous Youth.

Delivering cultural, traditional crafting workshops for Indigenous people in Canada.

Funding vital sustainability and resiliency initiatives for Indigenous peoples.

Funding for Chief Gibby Jacobs Indigenous Leadership documentary series Back to the Fire.

Funding vital language revitalization projects and software development for First Nations communities.

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Ancestral Link

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Four Our Future

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Back to the Fire

Back to the Fire

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The Awakening...

For the first phase of our launch, we are releasing an exclusive batch of 444 Generation 0 NFTs to build a strong "True Believer" community prior to the full release of the collection. These will all have a unique trait not available in future releases. 

Since the purpose of this initial mint is to help gain engagement for the project before the full launch, we're limiting the Mint List spots to influencers and community members who will work with us to raise the profile of this project and create value for holders of our NFTs.  


444 is the first of two private mints with the second release planned for later in June, where an additional 2,222 NFTs will be available for mint. 

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117 Cultural Items Gifted to Indigenous Youth
22 Handcrafted Drums Gifted to Indigenous Urban Youth
6 Final NFT Drums Gifted to the 6 Mythic NFT Holders 2 Weeks After Mint
Drum Making Workshop Hosted by David Fierro

Executive Team


David Fierro | Founder

Drum Maker/Lead Artist

Editor in Chief


Tamara Goddard | Founder

Project Lead/Graphic Artist

Assistant Manager


Rian Bevan | Founder

Innovation Lead

Programming Editor

Chris Nelson.jpg

Chris Nelson

Public Relations Manager

Art Director