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400 Drums is a corporate socio-cultural initiative that connects:

  1. Indigenous youth with green-tech, new tech and financial tech education and employment experiences

  2. Indigenous artists, producers & cultural keepers with technologies to connect with new markets in a digital environment

  3. Indigenous teachings, ideologies, art art, languages and music with wider national and international audiences

Proceeds from 400 Drums was created to:


  1. Create training programs and services for Indigenous Artists to create Indigenous-designed digital showcases & NFT’s infused with Indigenous teachings, storytelling, sounds, and music

  2. Support the completion and distribution of Chief Gibby Jacob's Indigenous Leadership Documentary Series

  3. Support the Four Our Future WICD Digital and Media training & employment program for Indigenous Youth

  4. Deliver cultural traditional crafting workshops for Indigenous peoples in Canada

  5. Plan and develop an Indigenous Green Tech Campus to showcase food, water, power & housing technologies suitable and obtainable for First Nations communities and local economies


Green Tech Campus and Eco Village

“Green Tech Campus and Eco Village ” is a place for Indigenous youth, community members, and leaders to come to learn and explore ever-evolving green and new technologies to bring innovation and create positive changes for Indigenous communities. 

We work with technologies that improve peoples daily lives while stimulating a prosperous and sustainable local economy that meets the needs of the community in ways that can sustain into the future without depleting natural resources. We work together with Indigenous communities to grow the local economy without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Indigenous Digital Media Youth Training

Four Our Future Indigenous Economics seeks to formalize this training stream to bring real-world Indigenous development projects to students to apply their skills and round out their education to provide digital services in their communities and to Indigenous businesses, artists and cultural keepers.

Indigenous Cultural Sharing and Teaching

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 9.28.02 AM.png

Cultural Workshops

Drum Gifting & Get-Us-To-Go Sales

Along the we grow we will be gifting supporters, influencers and early allies by gifting some of David's handcrafted drums! The gallery below will be updated often, keep checking back here to see our collection of appreciation gifts!

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