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David Fierro, Okanagan Nation



Tamara Goddard, Saulteau First Nation



Rian Bevan, Rainbow Tribe

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The Production Team

David Fierro, Drum Master Builder & Lead Artist

David (Xa Xa Smanxwt) is of the Sylix/ Okanagan Nation. A culture keeper, David knows that all things are connected by the vibrations of light and sound and that knowledge is used in the creation of his  hand made drums. David began building drums 20 years ago and his work is requested by clients internationally. Many hours over the course of weeks go into each drum whether large or small in order to produce the best drums possible. Smudge is burned and prayers are said throughout the entire process.

Many First Nations’ Chiefs prize David’s drums and larger quantities are ordered as gifts for Longhouse Ceremonial gatherings, Coast Salish gatherings, Aboriginal awards and corporate events. David continuously donates pieces to fundraisers such as the Kidney Foundation, Residential School Survivors, Squamish Trade Centre, Cultural Keepers and Teachers as well as raffles to help bring parents with newborns back to their traditional territories.

Tamara Goddard, Project Manager
Colour & Paint Designer/Supporting Artist

Rian Bevan, Innovation and Tech Manager

Rian Bevan is a research analyst for innovation and sustainability, and co-founder of the Here2Help Community non-profit. His background in dialogue, geography, and sustainability with a community focus help inform his work. Rian excels at analyzing and interpreting new technologies and their potential impact and influence on businesses, communities, and localized economies.

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Tamara Goddard, Artistic Director/Designer

Tamara has an extraordinary understanding of Nation Building, Aboriginal business, First Nations governance, culture, and history. Of the Saulteau First Nation in North Eastern BC, she continues to work on identifying and creating solutions to build healthy Indigenous economies in British Columbia. Tamara completed her Master's Degree in Indigenous Business & Leadership at SFU. 

Tamara Goddard has practiced in the arts since childhood. She was mentored by her mother and grandfather in fine arts. Her preferred mediums are ink, fluid acrylics and water colour. Her subject matters include painting her visions, dreams and prophecies. Tamara’s prints have been published by the Federal Government of Canada and her prints can be found as far away as Germany. Tamara is a cultural singer, singer/songwriter and musician.  Tamara has a diploma from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Interdisciplinary Arts. She also worked with Aboriginal Tourism BC on their Authentic Indigenous Artisan Program and sits on the board of The First Peoples Culture Council. Tamara continues to support the arts in all of her Indigenous Economics work internationally.

Supporting Organizations & Contributors

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