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400 Drums integrates Indigenous wisdom with powerful technologies to grow economic certainty.

 AI Language Platform

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Indigenous languages hold our relationship and teachings with the land. Each language teaches the learner ancient ways of relating and understanding the world. and how to relate to those lands.


Register for your IndigiSeal to digitally protect your language, lineage and lessons.


One Integrated platform to empower speaking fluency

Discover how a single, integrated platform can get learners understanding and speaking your language content right away through repeated, meaningful use.

Corporate & Commercial Art

Bringing the best emerging artists to Coporations and Commercial spaces. We do more than just the art. We protect the artists and buyers through our IndigiSeal and Blockchain asset creation.

Charity Initiative with On The Ground Society

Through Artists' Eyes
An inspired perspective of the DTES

A documentary of life on the Downtown Eastside told through the eyes of its homeless and home-insecure residents. Join us in bringing the power of art and culture to the notorious streets of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.


Fall in love with the strength and humanity of people living on the fringe of our society. Give our forgotten brothers and sisters a new chance to express, heal and tell their stories.


These artists embrace new technology, challenging stereotypes of what counts as Indigenous art

Indigenous Economics: A system build on the power of Natural Law

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Indigenous Economics: A system build on the power of Natural Law

  • Interdependent Systems

  • Exponential growth rate equal to the golden ratio φ

  • Collaboration over competition

  • Relationship fuels bottom line


400 Drums was incubated by Four Our Future Indigenous Economics in an effort to harness technology to gain new markets for Indigenous artists, tour operators, businesses and cultural keepers. 400 Drums is employee owned and powered by Indigenous Economic system. This means that profits are shared equitably among all participants and partners imputing their ideas and skills on projects.

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